• How can I find BLOX products ?

    France, Belgium and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

    BLOX earplugs are only available in pharmacies :

    • Your usual pharmacist offers the entire BLOX range in his dispensary,
    • Or you can ask them to order the model you require by giving them the product code (see additional information on page product)

    Switzerland :

    BLOX earplugs are sold in pharmacies and some opticians. Send us an email via the Contact page for further information.

    Purchase via e-pharmacies :

    Si les produits BLOX ne sont pas encore disponibles dans votre pays ou si vous souhaitez les commander par Internet, rendez-vous sur les sites des e-pharmacies. La plupart d’entre-elles livrent BLOX dans toute l’Europe.

    More info on search engines: “BLOX online pharmacy”

  • What do you advise for pain-free flying ?

    When a plane takes off, the atmospheric pressure decreases, which increases the volume of the tympanic cavity and pulls the eardrum towards the exterior. The surplus of air contained in the tympanic cavity must then be evacuated via the Eustachian tube (which links the ear to the nose), for example when yawning or swallowing. When a plane lands or dives, the external pressure increases, which reduces the volume of the tympanic cavity and pulls the eardrum towards the interior. A transfer of air must then take place towards the tympanic cavity by the active contraction of the muscles of the Eustachian tube by, for example, blowing your nose, swallowing or yawning.

    The stretching of the eardrum can be quite unpleasant and even painful, and it is therefore important to keep your nose clear during a flight. However, for many people, these tips are not enough. Wearing BLOX Plane earplugs is often essential. Thanks to their patented system, they make it possible to reduce pain caused by the rapid pressure changes caused by the air on the eardrum.

  • What are the consequences of noise for our health ?

    Noise pollution is increasingly common and its repercussions on health are broadly proven, and are worrying.

    Repeated exposure to high noise levels leads to an increase in hearing problems, some of which can be very serious and even irreversible. This is a particular risk if you are a musician or often attend motor racing tracks, concerts or discos.

    The psychological consequences of noise disturbance are also alarming, mainly when they are related to a disturbed sleep cycle:

    • stress
    • aggressiveness
    • exasperation
    • reduced mental performance
    • depression

    These problems frequently arise in people who live near an airport or, even more so, whose partner snores.

  • Why is it recommended to wear earplugs for water sports ?

    When we swim, surf, water-ski, or even when we take a shower, water gets into our ears. It often happens that some of this water doesn’t escape immediately.

    Consequence: the natural protective layer of the ear can change, and bacteria may be introduced. This results in an ear infection. Acute otitis externa, also called swimmer’s ear, is one of these.

    Although it may occur throughout the year, it is more common in summer, and mostly affects children who who go swimming a lot, although adults are also at risk.

    It is therefore important to protect your ears, and particularly those of children, so that water activities stay fun.