From Boules Quies® to a new generation of earplugs

Boules Quies

On this occasion, let us reflect for a few moments on the creation of the BLOX brand and on the main question: how does one become a seller of earplugs?!

It all began in Brussels in the 1970s when Jean Tihon, a wholesaler of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment for professional use) noted that there was no alternative for the French consumer to the ageing Boules Quies® wax earplugs.

He therefore decided to launch a new patented product in pharmacies from his PPE range that was revolutionary for its time: memory foam earplugs. Their success was immediate and the little white rectangular EAR® boxes could be found on the bedside tables of millions of homes.

Technology to aid consumer well-being

At the end of the 1980s, he decided to sell his PPE business and focus on the selling earplugs for consumers in pharmacies. Over the years and thanks to the technological advances made by his partners, Jean Tihon was able to market new earplugs with different shapes and materials, better suited to the different situations encountered by his customers, such as undertaking water sports, for example.

In the early 2000s, Michel Tihon, freshly graduated from business school, decided to pick up the torch and follow his father’s footsteps who took the opportunity to bring his fascinating professional career to an end. A new generation with new ambitions. Michel Tihon introduced a strategy intended to revitalise the dormant and ageing market for earplugs. He decided to give his packaging a new look with bright colours, improve the products and, above all, create a new brand: BLOX.

Earplugs designed for festival-goers

Buoyed by this new momentum, the successor began to develop a range of models designed for listening to live music, with technology based on integrated filters providing linear sound suppression, meaning that one could enjoy their music more while still protecting their ears from the adverse effects of higher volumes. Thanks to this new generation of hearing protectors, BLOX has been selected as a partner of numerous festivals and now protects the ears of thousands of festival-goers on an annual basis.

Today, BLOX is a brand leader in Europe completely dedicated to protecting the consumer hearing. Gauthier, Pierre, Gregory and Jonathan have since joined Michel to strengthen and develop this wonderful success story. Their ambition? To establish the BLOX brand and remove the term “Boules Quies®” from modern vocabulary!

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