BLOX Aquatic
Earplugs for swimming

BLOX Aquatic
Earplugs for swimming

Thermoformed earplugs.
  • Designed to prevent water from penetrating the ear canal.
  • Help avoid earache and other ear infections.
  • Ready to use: very easy to use.
  • Reusable, washable.
  • Available in pharmacies and chemists.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Thanks to their three rings, these plugs provide optimum protection against the infiltration of water into the ear canal as well as being very comfortable.

    Made of a flexible thermoformed polymer, simply hold the plastic stem to insert and remove the plugs easily and efficiently. This model is designed to avoid problems caused by water stagnating in the ear canal (earache and other infections).

    Cannot be used at a depth greater than 1 metre.

  • Additional Information

    Additional Information


    Two sizes. Child size from 2 yo


    Thermoformed silicone. Hypo-allergenic.


    1 pair + Plastic box

    Product code

    Adult: CNK 2687-689 (Belgium), ACL 970-5133 (France)
    Child: CNK 2744-423 (Belgium), ACL 981-3408 (France)