Blox Plane
Earplugs For Flying

Blox Plane
Earplugs For Flying

Anti-pressure earplugs.
  • Patented technology: regulates and reduces the pressure in the ear during changes of altitude (take-off and landing).
  • Ready to use: very easy to use.
  • Reusable, washable.
  • Available in pharmacies and chemists.

  • Description

    Product Description

    More than 30% of passengers experience earache during their flight, mainly during take-off and landing.

    This pain is caused by the rapid variations in pressure exercised on the eardrum. The solution: BLOX Plane earplugs. They reduce and regulate the pressure of the air during changes in altitude: the small hole at the entry of the plug allows only a small quantity of air to enter, and the second small hole, at the tip of the plug, slows the flow of air entering and leaving the ear.

    The difference in pressure between the interior and exterior of the ear is reduced, which also reduces the pain. BLOX Plane earplugs also serve as a noise filter. Unpleasant, loud and painful sounds are reduced to an acceptable level. Nevertheless, important sounds (speech, alarms, radio and TV) remain audible.

  • Additional Information

    Additional Information


    Two sizes. Child size from 4 yo


    Thermoformed silicone. Hypo-allergenic.


    1 pair + Plastic box

    Product code

    Adult: CNK 2687-689 (Belgium), ACL 970-5133 (France)Child: CNK 2744-423 (Belgium), ACL 981-3408 (France)